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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Love A-Phair

I can't stop playing Liz Phair's albums. Even Anna confesses to liking my rip of her latest album.

I heard her when she came to strum at an office promo do but didnt think much, except to wonder about the sheer level of harassment as she clawed her way down the sewer of the music biz. Exceedingly hot blonde which I expect does no harm to her sales.

Ordered Guyville from some marketeer and it arrived yesterday, bit scratched but nothing sounds bad on the Nakamichi/Sansui amp/Wharfedale speakers. Forget the open mouth that must have launched 1,000 wanks - is she bare-boobed on the album cover? Speaking of boobs, is that a glimpse of flat-chested nipple on Nora Jones' latest?

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