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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Cell phoning en voiture

I've never felt particularly tolerant of people distracting themselves behind the wheel with the use of cell phones. Of course, I don't own one myself so I huff and puff with impunity, as opposed to never being off it and the prime culprit.

Encouraging increase in actual phone-attributed accidents on Bainbridge, possibly leading to them being banned in cars which would lend weight to my scrutinizing of each passing vehicle and bellowing and gesticulating at the silly moos yapping away as they wrestle to keep their SUV vaguely their side of the divider line.

What we need is a few more *mortal* prangs. That should stir even us dozey Bainbridgers into organizing a lynching party and stringing the culprit driver up by her Prado shoe straps.

Hang on - first there'd be a whippin' - *then* there'd be the lynching.

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