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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

real change

What is it about the sellers of RC that they are without exception courteous, unpushy and generally un-hideous?

There is a seller I buy from just near the ferry, and another around Westlake Center. Sometimes I buy 4 in the same day, often from the same sellers.

And it's damn'd good reading.

In contrast, the cabbies outside Colman Dock are pushy and even aggressive. The majority seem to be Ethiopians or of that hue and physiology, but there is a squat aggressive mafia-type who lurks and poaches as he can.

One morning when I was seeing off a friend who did need a car to the airport, I vanquished this ruffian with a "Back you varlet! Away with you, you bullying interloper!" Then I turned to the darker skinned chauffeurs and chose the least aggressive from among them.

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