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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Nefarious Nodding

Why are they ganging up on my heart-throb, the fragrant Martha Stewart?

Judge Cedarbaum not even waiting for the chequered flag before already talking of the prosecution's "strong evidence". Very very strong, in fact.

Honestly, I am getting very worried for Martha, my dear: Master Faneuil is clearly telling truth, however druggie and Ecstatic the defence try to paint him. If I'd been Peter Bacanovic, knowing that Imclone was tanking, it'd've been more than my life was worth not to let Martha know double pronto.

Goodness, can you imagine the telephonic banshee screams if M had opened the Bahama Times (or whatever) to find her stock reduced to tuppence ha'penny? No wayy.

Of course Baccers told his minion to get the Dragon Empress on the blower and warn her. Sensible knee-jerk reaction at the time, not so good in hindsight. Pity really because without the upright DF proclaiming la vérité, Pietro and Martha could've concocted a decent histoire and left Patton Seymour with not much more than circumstantial evidence to bung at them.

I just dread the idea of those horrid bull dykes mauling our Martha around but what's the alternative - that another big name trickster goes free? Maybe if some of the Enron crowd and those other suited filchers were wearing arrowed pyjamas, there'd be chink of daylight for MS getting off with bruised knuckles and depleted checking account, but I can't see that she won't be made an example of. A sad day for all lovers of delicacy and good taste.

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