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Monday, February 23, 2004

Masked and Anonymous

Creepily hypnotic movie along the lines of Missing meets a Buddy-Fretboard caper.

Amazing performance by Bob Dylan as Jack Fate ~ parchment features, growly voice and all.

I rented the DVD less for Dylan (whose acting skills I doubted) than for the stellar cast who'd come on board to work alongside Master Zimmerman.

As it was, I spent whole chunks of the movie mesmerized by the lead guitarist in the onscreen band, 'Twist of Fate', a dead ringer for my much admired Sultan of Sedition, Lion of the Nightcrew.

Post-script: Nice little follow-up from the Sultan
"Dylan/Zimmerman is the only star of note with whom I share a birthday. I was the song writer in our band; the guitar player had the same b'day as Eddie VH, and the bassist-turned-singer had the same b'day as one Gordon Sumner."

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