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Friday, February 27, 2004


Coming March 3 with Viggo M in the starring role as Frank Hopkins.

Hopkins competed in and won over 400 long-distance races, including the movie's legendary 3,000-mile endurance ride across the Arabian Desert in 1890 on the eponymous mustang stallion, Hidalgo.
"Even if most riders today don't know who he was, his knowledge and experiences have been the basis for established concepts and proper horse keeping in the world of modern distance riding. He always took care of his horses first."

Having said all that above, I saw the movie, sort of enjoyed it, found Vigo perfect for the role, Omar Sharif magnificent, the horses magnificent, the closing scenes of the liberated mustangs tear-inducing - but am a little annoyed to read in infallible Slate that Hoppers might have told the teensiest of fibs about his life and which Disney seems happy to be peddling to the resto of us.

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