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Friday, January 23, 2004

No saps

BIG UPS to KT: they are the fastest deliverers I know.

Order your pass online and it's there in days. And they have this amazing 'Guaranteed Ride Home' deal whereby if your slave driving boss suddenly makes you work late, past the shuttle bus hours, you can phone Bainbridge Taxis, tell them which ferry on you're on and they'll meet ya and drive you home FREE.

You don't have to tip but I do, so I presume it goes into the driver's poche.

Cab etiquette:
The custom is that you don't travel solo in the cabs. You get in and wait til the cab fills and then the driver works out the best route.

Me and 3 other gents the other night: Wing Point, Yaquina, Wyatt and then me. Being manly men, we ride in silence til the radio prompts chat about Super Bowl. Mr Wing Point is the first to be dropped. Tidy abode.

Mr WP gets out and is barely to the door when it opens and dishy wife appears and enfolds Il Supo Marito in fond embrace.

"New house," comments one.

"New wife," growls our driver.

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