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Friday, January 09, 2004

How much is one allowed to quote of people?

The latest 'Good Experience' from the equally impressive Mark Hurst lists his usual thought-provoking ideas, of which #4 caught my eye:

"IDEA 4. Blogs are just content management systems.

2003 was the year that weblogs broke into the popular press. Presidential candidate Howard Dean owes some of his recent success to his use of blogs and other technology. Several top journalists are using blogs to augment their regular columns.

But the popular conception of blogs - as online personal journals, with the most recent diary entry at the top - is a grossly limited vision of what this technology actually provides.

Blogs are actually just an easier-to-use version of the content management system, a tool that (albeit in a harder-to-use form) has been with us for years, in many environments, with a far greater impact than the online diary. There's nothing new about blogs except that they're easier than what was there before (which, in my book, is the single most important advancement any digital technology can make).

Watch this year - oops, is this a prediction? - for blog companies to pitch their software as CMS tools, not "blogs." Perhaps they'll drop the geeky "blog" term altogether, for uses outside diaries.

-> Pointer: Check out an unlikely use of the (excellent) Moveable
system - - a personal project of mine, the archives of sermons from the church I attend. (Note that the word "blog" appears nowhere on the page.)"

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