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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Ferry Furies
Revenge for my remark about the gormless babe with the gum. Leaving work early, I catch the 1640hrs ferry and look for Kelly in case she is returning to the island for tomorrow's gig.
There's a certain fascination about watching my fellow commuters striding in, heading for their usual seats, greeting pals, booting up, settling down to read. This afternoon is highly unusual for the sheer uniform unattractiveness of every single person who passes by. Almost all are familiar but I've never seen such a procession of unrelieved ugliness, not a single good looker among them (yes yes, i know - pot/kettle et tout ca), no babe or hunk punctuating the stream of truly laides.

I give in: bring back the gummy gormlessas.

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