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Saturday, January 24, 2004

C~BS Bush Bias

E-mail from GD, for whom I'd do anything. Her message verbatim:
Perhaps it's not a surprise that CBS would refuse to air the winning ad of the Bush in 30 seconds contest, sponsored by MoveOn.org, during the SuperBowl -- but that doesn't make it right.

CBS considers the restrained MoveOn ad to be "controversial," yet they are airing an ad by the White House. It would be one thing if they avoided ALL political ads, but this obvious bias is just too much:

So please, take a couple of seconds to view the MoveOn ad and send your thoughts to CBS. The key is to let them know that we notice these things.

G also includes the biting look at life If Parents Acted Like Bush.

Hell, that lady rocks; always did. I must get Eric to send me her home page link and shove it up here for the delectation of you all.

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