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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Callwave rocks.

I have one phone line and CW is an internet answering machine gizmo that lets me hear who's calling you (and gives me the message they left) while I'm on the Web. How it Works: When someone tries to call while I'm online, a small window on screen tells me a call has come in. With my speakers on, I hear a ringing and the caller is notified I'm online and that they can leave a message.

If I see they're someone I want to talk to, I click a button that tells them to hang on and I'll be with them. My web line is killed and my phone rings and I chat.
Usually it's D or A or G or S and I click the button but tonight the screen announced 'Telemarketer'. How cool is that? (And how appalling is that that I've absorbed that particular phrase?)

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