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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bagelles & Belles

Have you noticed how rarely one sees an unattractive female in the Bageleria? The staff themselves are of exceptional caliber in the looks department, both sexes.

Now John has excelled himself by somehow netting the Island Exquisa to transform our Saturday morning cuppas.

I don't know her name, I don't want  to know her name, and nor should you.

Clearly, the trick is to be served a pre-matinée bevvy from her fair hand (not to mention bonus flash of those eyes), then cruise down to the Pavilion to cop a leisurely *second* eyeful as the line inches towards the ticket booth.

Speaking of inching, can you believe the lines for the Wallace/Gromit/Were-Rabbit rib-tickler?

I know, ridiculous to think of it meeting an appreciative reception here on the island: I put it down to the 'Cool Queue Factor'.

It matters not that they haven't a clue what all it's about, folks just wanna be seen in da trendy line. Terribly Bainbridge.

If you look round the auditorium once the lights dim, you'll see brows furrowed, mouths agape in puzzlement - and others simply nodding off into a deep kip of incomprehension.

Bad news : here and here from the nutty old Guardian, all about the terrible fire that's gutted Aardman's early history etc.

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