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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

tush comes to dove

"When Tush comes to Dove"

Who cares what this story is about? I haven't read it closely (except to learn a new word, "bedonkadonk") but I applaud the punny wit of the headline.

Just as when I cruise the aisles of Silver Screen, I swear one day to check out the brilliantly titled Good, the Rad and the Gnarly.

Again, I haven't the faintest idea what this is like, but if it's even ¼ as entertaining as its title it'll be thrice the worth of most of the rubbish out there.

Speaking of 'gnarly', one of my earliest writing assignments backint he summer of '95 is memorable for the creative director popping his head round my cubicle with the alert that anyone using 'gnarly' in any context was eligible for instant dismissal. I told him I never even knew the term. Gnarled, as in oak, yes - but "gnarl-EE" was a new one on me.

On the subject of Silver Screen, I keep trying to economize by switching to Safeway. But I only condemn myself 10 to 15 minutes vigorous wiping of each disk to remove the blanket thumb-printing by the renter before me.

I swear, our lovely hygienic local Safeway may know how to present food et cetera, but it dishes out the (literally) dirtiest DVDs I have ever come across.

I tried to make an arrangement with the staff by which they'd check each disk I brought back as unwatchable and annotate my account with the name. That way, I could guard against taking out future movies previously rented by the grubby fingered on the black list.

No luck: either they're not set up to add comments to customer data, or they didn't understand what I was getting at (much more likely).

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