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Saturday, August 13, 2005


~ another ResearchBuzz gem ~

The amazing Tara Calishain keeps coming up with stellar goodies for her unmissable, bookmarkissable ResearchBuzz site.

I know that in the past I've excitedly passed on other RBuzz goodies (always fully acknowledged, I trust) but I'm nervous this time round, having just read Tara's reproduction proviso

But hey, Track Mentions sounds so cool that I can't resist sharing with my fellow Bainbridge Bloggers - and anyone else who reads me.

I know now  that every 'cello maker west of Wahkiakum and  their fan clubs and winsome châtelaines monitor me by the minute, so I'm treading carefully ....

But fie! Let me risk the Wrath of Calishain in the interest of spreading the Good Word. If I'm exiled from TC's mailing list, all the rest of you have to do - those not already on the mailing list - is follow the yellow brick URL to sign up direct.

So here goes - and the following text is entirely edited quotes from Tara

Track Mentions in Blogs

"A tool that searches a bunch of other search engines is called a metasearch engine. What's a tool that searches mentions of a specific URL from
a variety of sources? Metamention?

Anyway that's Talk Digger ... Front page of the site has a query box and several different engines listed. Enter a URL and click Dig It. All the engines will start what looks like an animated gif and one by one will
list results for each of the sites ...

If you've used the service multiple times AND you have cookies turned on, you'll also see a graph for each service showing if results are trending up or down.

I kinda like this, but I wish they had either limited it to 'blog/RSS search engines or made the general search engines optional.

Feedster and Technorati are great, but after them the Google general Web results just look weird.

Beyond that, this is cool and becoming more and more useful."

Reproduced with kind permission of ResearchBuzz

That's all I fancy quoting. If you're intrigued by the sound of a "Directory of Blogs by Tag or by Subject", you'll need to check out R-Buzz.

cc: reprint(at)researchbuzz.com

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