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Friday, June 10, 2005



~ Unkindest cut ~

Well, I watched the Hilfiger show, and it's even worse than I predicted .

Alas for all these johnny-cum-lately 'reality'-type shows, Trump has screwed their pitch by setting the standard and format to ape - including the chimpanzee-visaged Hilfiger.

The Cut is a disaster.

It opens with an angst-ridden voice-over by TH, explaining who he is and the rough road he's traveled to wherever he is now (still a mystery to me).

After which, enter the 'candidates' - as dull and ham-fisted an assembly as one could scoop off the street - whom TH addresses in thoroughly unconvincing fashion, complete with halting delivery and nervous tics to complete the farce.

One needs watch no more: the show defines the televisual insults currently numbing our senses.

uh...where are you? We are all missing your posts! Hope all is well...
Long time no...off on holiday?

He must be around somewhere.He posted on "Corfu" yesterday.
Yes, still here. Taking a little rest.

Prompted by an anonymous comment a week or so back. I've been rethinking my thoughts on this genial pastime of blogging.

The comment suggested I blog more about Bainbridge and things local. Even as I read the words, I felt any desire to post further drain from me.

I don't know why this should have cut so deep except that, personally, I wouldn't presume to suggest style or substance to my teenage *daughter*, let alone some complete stranger - no matter *how* characterless and wishy-washy I felt their blog to be and or urgent their need to be pointed in any direction by *me*.

Just the thought of being perceived as a sort of 'juke blog' for readers' requests was too galling, hence the total evaporation of ideas and inspiration.

Plus, of course, the sobering realisation that I attract the sort of reader who'll go public with such a suggestion. Finally, the humiliating possibility of one day posting on a subject that also meets the wishlist.

Hence the hiatus.
I, for one, love, love, love the Busker's always entertaining takes on life beyond the island. I have followed many of his links, not always totally to my liking, but at least he puts them out there. There are many blogs that focus on BI, Bainbridge Beat being just one of them. (And even I occasionally stray beyond our shores.) Keep it up, Busker!
gee...you have too many devoted and interested readers out here to let one person's unwelcome posting advice bother you. We miss you! You are one-of-a-kind! Brilliant, funny, provocative!
Save Busker!

Seriously. I go to other sites because they're Bainbridge. That's why I went to yours initially. Now I come back because your site is so fun to read. A break is good once in a while. Hope you come back.
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