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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Underwood typewriter

Nation of Shopkeepers

Napoleon once commented that, "England is a nation of shopkeepers." I suppose the notion stuck.

Over the months, I've been talking with an exec research expert who's given me a flattering amount of time in email, over the phone, and using CareerJournal to best effect. Also, sending me marvelous background articles such as the care and feeding of his ilk.

He has also pointed me in directions of other experts where I could have been placed by someone else and the commission passed him by.

He's taken time to get to know my track record - creative writing/editing, some technology, customer service experience as rep/QA specialist/trainer - and I felt we we've been getting somewhere with some of the recent people I've seen.

Suddenly this morning, as I'm elaborating on an opening coming up in the publicity division of a large company, he asks me if I've thought of going "back to school to get qualified for something that'd only take a year or less ?

He's thinking of LPN (Licensed Practical Nursing) or a Commercial Drivers License for over the road trucking.

His most enthusiastic suggestion he keeps for ... trying my hand in retail/grocery management .

I don't know what to say. I've worked in various bookshops in the past - many years ago - and I'm not averse to the retail trade as such, but I've not really pictured myself anywhere in that hierarchy. And I've certainly not thought of trucking or the grocer's trade - pace Maggie Thatcher's old man.

Most rum - and a little discouraging for the road ahead.

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