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Monday, March 07, 2005

No Bright Lights, No Signal

I believe absolutely that orders and assistance came from the highest level that on no account should Nicola Calipari succeed in negotiating Giuliana Sgrena's release

mourning for italian agentIn the event that the improbably named 'Mujahedeen without Borders' *did* release Signorina Sgrena, I agree with this news item, that this vindictive, self-seeking administration had no intention whatsoever of allowing matters to go further than a strategically placed sniper.

Amid the crocodile tears and burbled "apologies", it will be interesting to compare the official fudging of the night's events with the facts known by the grunts on the ground.

None of which, of course, will help agent Calipari, whose courage and planning of the successful mission brought him only a bullet in the temple.

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