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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Prepare for me to wax exceeding boring over the next few postings about the stunning 'western' series, Deadwood, just out in DVD and proving a total distraction from food, sleep or companionship.
  • The language is as raw and real as I've heard outside a south London boozer.
  • The cast is spot-on
    • Ian McShane is *the*most sinister villain I've come across for many a year
    • Heroic Seth Bullock is well played by Tim Olyphant and his voice has that cold ring of the young Eastwood
    • Keith Carradine just utterly convincing as the shaggy boozy nigh-mystic Wild Bill Hickock
    • Duude! That is *the* Walter Hill among the Season One directors
    • Brilliant gritty gravel-voiced commentary over Episode One by head writer, head most things, David Milch - hilarious deadpan throwaway remarks, pointing out the real deals among the western cast, complaining about difficulty of filming the wolves (damn'd non-union critters), fascinating historical details ...
And a lot more ... brilliant series.

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