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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Red Alert - May Day!

Cripes, eek, ulp - outed.

After a perfect day with divine #1 daughter in the Groves of WWU Academe, I zoom home to find the latest edition of the The Bainbridge Islander starring none other than clever blogista Julie Leung of Seedlings & Sprouts fame *and* - ulp - a list of other local blogs including this one of mine.

Groan - this calls for frantic cleansing of all childish churlish remarks dished by me over the months at the expense of my fellow islanders. Accursèd homecoming roosters! When will I learn?

"The face of New Bainbridge", is how the Islander dubs Mrs Leung and a very nice one it is, too - as I'm sure are her two daughters. Why, goodness, there indeed *are* the cherubs, busying themselves in the photo's background with household chores as Mama taps away at some new blog entry.

Needless to say, even they have their own Green Glass Turtles page.

Splendid bit of local reportage.

...love your imagination....
thanks for stopping by!
I was thinking of writing you a note if you hadn't already noticed your mention :-)
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